Respect Life

This Month’s Pro-Life Theme:

Abortion & the Law

Do you understand how abortion came to be legal in this country? Most internet searches will turn up results that obfuscate rather than clarify the background for legalized abortion in America. How can you learn the truth?

The pro-life office of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) has some excellent resources that not only explain Catholic teaching on abortion, but also the legal details about abortion that are rarely explained in secular news. For example, Do You Know Roe? explains how this Supreme Court decision, along with Doe vs. Bolton, legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Other resources on this page from the USCCB explain related Supreme Court decisions and include links to the actual Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton so you can find out the truth for yourself.

See also this summary of the legal history of abortion, provided by Students for Life.

Upcoming legal challenges to abortion are provided here by Life Legal Defense Foundation.

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About the Parish Respect Life Group
The Parish Respect Group promotes the sanctity of human life in our parish and community.  We offer opportunities for parishioners to pray, become better educated, volunteer, and support organizations and events that encourage respect for all human life.

If you want to attend or support any of our annual events – March for Life in January, Life Chain in October, 40 Days for Life, the Advent Giving Tree for Project Rachel/Gabriel Project – watch the bulletin for information. With the help of the parish Women’s Council, we also support A Woman’s Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center through a monthly diaper collection (every 2nd weekend of the month) and an Advent Greens sale.

For more information, contact Dawn Beutner at [email protected].

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