Respect Life

May Theme:
Why Can’t We Love Them Both?

It is commonly said that pro-lifers only care about the baby who is killed by abortion. But that is so blatantly false that it’s easy to disprove. In our community alone, here are just some of the resources available to help pregnant women in need:

  • Our diocesan Gabriel Project offers one-on-one support and many resources for pregnant women. Women in need can find them online here.
  • A list of pregnancy care centers in the northern Virginia area—all of which provide free, confidential services—can be found here.
  • If the pregnant woman needs material assistance, she can find a list of resources here.
  • If she needs a place to live, she can find out more about Mary’s Shelter, the Paul Stefan Home, and St. Margaret of Cortona Transitional Housing.
  • If she needs rental assistance, she can investigate Arlington Catholic Charities’ programs here. If she needs medical care, she can learn about another Catholic Charities program here.
  • Is she considering adoption? Information about the Arlington Catholic Charities’ Adoption office is found here.
  • Does she need to talk with someone about a different problem? Arlington Catholic Charities’ Mental Health Counselors are ready to see if they can help.
We CAN (and do) love them both!

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Prayerfully consider getting involved by participating in any of these events / projects!

About the Parish Respect Life Group
The Parish Respect Group promotes the sanctity of human life in our parish and community.  We offer opportunities for parishioners to pray, become better educated, volunteer, and support organizations and events that encourage respect for all human life.

If you want to attend or support any of our annual events – March for Life in January, Life Chain in October, 40 Days for Life, the Advent Giving Tree for Project Rachel/Gabriel Project – watch the bulletin for information. With the help of the parish Women’s Council, we also support A Woman’s Choice Crisis Pregnancy Center through a monthly diaper collection (every 2nd weekend of the month) and an Advent Greens sale.

Current Events:

Check out this video on The Supreme Court & Abortion.

How can you build a culture of life? Checkout our Internet Toolkit for some great web sites to help you out.

For more information, contact Dawn Beutner at [email protected].