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January 2021 Theme:
Life Issues & Vaccines

Should a Catholic Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Due to the importance of the COVID-19 virus in our world today and the widespread desire for a vaccine, people have started to ask questions about the morality of the manner in which the different COVID-19 vaccines were produced. It is undeniable that some manufacturers use cell lines derived from aborted children to create vaccines, though the way those aborted fetal cells were used in creating the COVID-19 vaccine is more problematic in some manufacturers than in others.

First, it has to be noted that this is not a new problem. Many—perhaps most—pharmaceutical companies have been using aborted fetal cell lines for decades in the production of vaccines, and various Catholic and pro-life organizations have spoken against this practice and asked manufacturers to use less morally objectionable means. For example, this article discusses the morality of vaccinating our children back in 2005, long before COVID-19.

The following sources explain this issue in greater detail. The bottom line—although this is a complicated issue and each person should examine the details carefully before making a decision—is that it is permissible for Catholics to receive these vaccines. If possible, explicitly requesting a vaccine that has been produced by less objectionable methods would even help to educate other people—and encourage manufacturers to make moral considerations part of their process in producing vaccines in the future.

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