Food Ministry

The need is great and the demand for food is growing

Over 70,000 people in Fairfax County are in need of food assistance and over 200,000 are in need throughout our Diocese.

Holy Spirit parishioners are making a difference and have the opportunity to support two types of food ministries:


Holy Spirit parishioners provide non-perishable food which is transported the last Sunday of every month, and Thanksgiving morning in bins in front of the Church.  The Poor Sisters of St. Joseph distribute food weekly for over 100 poor families monthly.  Please call Vince to arrange special donations which are welcome especially around holidays.

This takes place the last Sunday of EVERY Month and Thanksgiving Day Mass (Delivery occurs with No exceptions).  Mother Maria and Sister Delphina thank you for your generosity!

Please contact Vince at [email protected] or 571-442-4673 if you want to see the pantry during our drop off time.  Volunteers are welcome!  Service hours are available for volunteers. Parents must accompany children.

Christ House on Wheels

The Christ House Food Pantry in Alexandria provides perishable and non-perishable foods to homeless and low-income households in Alexandria and the surrounding areas.    

Your donations will help feed the elderly on limited incomes, low-income households, children and the homeless.  

Help us keep our pantry fully stocked: 
• canned meats (chicken, corned beef, spam)
• peanut butter
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Our Actions Impact Others

As we feed the hungry, it is important to know the impact our actions have on others. Kristine Levine shares her personal story of hunger and dignity in nourishing the soul in 

I’m a Little Too Fat, a Little Too Giving. I Think I Know Why.