Events and Facilities Request

Events and Facilities Request Form

All sections of of the form must be completed before space be requested. We reserve the right to make space adjustments based on all events being requested. 

All events that are requested at the school are to end by 9:30 pmThank you for your understanding and flexibility.

  • If you are not an approved Parish Ministry you will need to complete a Facility Use Agreement and provide Renter's Liability Insurance (either provide a Certificate of Insurance or apply for insurance offered by the Diocese). Please contact [email protected] for room use fees, Facility Use Agreement and Insurance information.
  • The time you need the space to set up for your even. (Not applicable if Facilities is setting up for you).
  • Actual start time, not including set up beforehand. This will be used in publicity.
  • Actual end time, not including clean up afterwards. This will be used in publicity.
  • Time you will have everything cleaned and returned to original condition.
  • Setup Requested

  • (Illustration Only)
  • Publicity Request

  • AV Requirements

  • *Note

    Space will be assigned based on availability and specific needs. Please allow parish to manage space to best accommodate all of the numerous ministries. Your space preference may not be available.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.