FHC Registration Complete

Thank you for registering your child for first Confession and first Holy Communion!

Next Steps

  • Baptism Certificate – if your child was baptized at another parish (not Holy Spirit), please submit your child’s baptism certificate to Mayra Saunders, RE Office Manager, by email to [email protected]
  • Confessions – Your child’s first Confession service will be held on March 2 & March 9, 2024. Plan on one hour. Confessions will be available for the whole family.
  • Mass – Your first Holy Communion Mass will be held on May 4 & May 11, 2024. If you can not attend this Mass and need an accommodation, please contact Mayra Saunders by email at [email protected]
  • Dress for FHC Mass – Boys ​may​ wear a suit or blazer jacket​ (or a white dress shirt)​, tie, slacks and dress shoes (e.g. khaki pants and a navy blazer). Girls ​may​ wear a white ​(or off-white) ​dress that is appropriate (no sleeveless) and modest in length.  Shoes should have a back support (no slides permitted). If you can’t find a dress that has sleeves, please accessorize the dress with a white sweater to cover their shoulders.

Important Dates

January 31, 2024 – Baptism Certificates Due

March 2, 2024 – First Confessions Session 1 – 11 AM (Holy Spirit School Students)

March 9, 2024 – First Confession Session 2 – 11 AM (RE & Homeschool Students)

May 3, 2024 – Rehearsal (for May 4 Mass) – 6 PM

May 4, 20243 – First Holy Communion Mass – 11 AM (Holy Spirit School Students)

May 10, 20243 – Rehearsal (for May 11 Mass) – 6 PM

May 11, 2024 – First Holy Communion Mass – 11 AM (RE & Homeschool Students)

May 12, 2024 – May Crowning at 9:00 AM Mass – this is optional, but a very beautiful part of Catholic tradition. Bring your cameras!

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