Respect Life Month

October is…

Respect Life Month!

Throughout the year, our parish supports the dignity of human life in many ways: through the financial and material support of women in unplanned pregnancies; emotional support for all mothers at all stages; and educating ourselves and our community about common threats to human life and family flourishing.

During the month of October, all American Catholics are particularly reminded to think about the value of every human life. More importantly, we are called upon to act.

Do you want to support women in unplanned pregnancies financially? Contact the diocesan Gabriel Project, which provides direct services to these women, free of charge.

Are you a woman—or do you know a woman—who has had an abortion? The trained counselors at the diocesan Project Rachel are ready to help you through your journey to peace and healing.

Do you want to be better educated about life issues?

  • How much do you really know about the Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions? Find out the truth here.
  • Want to listen to podcasts about life issues with speakers ranging from a leader of Students for Life of America to Bas Rutten (Ultimate Fighting Champion legend)? Go here.
  • Not sure about how life issues should inform your voting decisions in any election? See this article by Archbishop Joseph Naumann.
  • What do the Catholic bishops of Virginia have to say about Catholics becoming responsible, educated voters in the upcoming election? They have posted voter education resources for us to use and share with our friends and family here.