We are happy to welcome you to Holy Spirit Catholic Church! We are a parish that joyfully embraces the fullness of the Sacramental Life and the faith of the Church. You are always welcome to join us!

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Mass Times


7:30 AM, 9:00 AM (Youth Choir & Organ), 10:30 AM (Choir & Organ), 12:00 Noon (Cantor & Organ), & 6:00 PM (Contemporary Ensemble)


6:30 & 9:00 AM


9:00 AM & 5:30 PM (Cantor and Organ) (Vigil)

Confession Times

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

7:00 PM

Tuesday / Thursday

6:00 & 8:30 AM


3:30 PM

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» Peter’s Pence Collection, 2nd Collection June 29-30

  The Peter’s Pence Collection derives its name from an ancient custom in ninth-century England. King Alfred the Great collected money, a “pence,” from landowners as financial support for the Pope. Today, the Peter’s Pence Collection supports the Pope’s philanthropy by giving the Holy Father the means to provide emergency assistance to those in need because […]

» Religious Freedom Week, June 24

Pray for Catholics, and all people of faith, who seek to serve our country in government as elected officials, judges, administrators, and staff.

» Religious Freedom Week, June 25

Pray that the Rohingya-our Muslim brothers and sisters from the Rakhine region, whose rights and very identity are not recognized by the Myanmar government-may find the respect that recognizes the dignity of all human beings. 

» Religious Freedom Week, June 26

Pray for children awaiting adoption, for parents seeking to adopt, for children receiving foster care, for foster parents providing care to children, and that Catholic and other faith-based organizations may have the freedom to serve all those seeking adoption and foster care services in accordance with their faith.

» Religious Freedom Week, June 27

Pray that herders and farmers in Nigeria, whose conflict over access to land and resources has fueled religious tensions, may find the means to compromise and work out their differences in a non-violent manner.

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