WorkCamp Registration and Information!!! (June 17-21)

So, you want to go to WorkCamp. Great idea! In order to attend WorkCamp 2023, you’ll need to three things:

  1. Read the informational packetand familiarize yourself with the commitment and requirements that WorkCamp demands.
  2. Complete the teen registration form
  3. Complete the parent/volunteer registration form

All three of these steps are REQUIRED for attendance. Spots are limited…so claim your spot soon!


We are in dire need of someone to take over this role!

If you would like to volunteer or know someone who would please contact Ronan at [email protected]

The parish Stakeholder is responsible for planning, organizing, and preparing the parish for WorkCamp by inviting teens to attend, recruiting adult volunteers, and conducting all of the parish meeting necessary to prepare everyone for what they will encounter at WorkCamp. The Stakeholder is required to attend all of the Diocesan Stakeholder meetings and ensure that the adult crew leaders attend a training session prior to WorkCamp. They are also required to attend the entire week of WorkCamp. This can be a challenging roll and requires significant time and a high level of commitment. However, you will take on these responsibilities alone! The Stakeholder will be accompanied and guided by Ronan in all the endeavors associated with this role.