Volunteer Information & Sign-Up

“Part of the vision of youth ministry is to present to youth the richness of the person of Christ, which perhaps exceeds the ability of one person to capture, but which might be affected by the collective ministry of the many persons who make up the Church”

-A Vision of Youth Ministry, p. 24

Below you’ll find descriptions of ways in which you can use the gifts the Lord has given you to accompany and serve our teens in our youth ministry program as we journey to sainthood together.

If you have any questions about these roles or would like more details, please email Myranda at [email protected].

Sunday Night Meal Ministry

Dinner Served at our HSYM Meetings on Sunday nights at 7:15 p.m.

HSYM Sunday Nights begin with a shared meal. We need volunteers who are willing to procure, prepare, and serve meals every Sunday to our teens. Volunteers are welcome to cook either at home or in the cafeteria kitchen.  The meal should be ready to serve by 7:15 p.m. in the school cafeteria. We’ll need 1) a Meal Ministry Leader and 2) Meal Ministry Team Members.

  • Meal Ministry Leader Description: 
    • Prepare a list of proposed menu suggestions for volunteers to choose from
    • Schedule meal preparation volunteers for the year (one volunteer to cook and two to help serve each night)
    • Ensure that volunteers are prepared to serve on their scheduled night
    • Coordinate with other adult volunteers of Conquer by using email, meetings, and after Mass socializing
  • Meal Ministry Member Description:
    • Prepare a meal on their scheduled night once per quarter and have it ready by 7:15 p.m.
    • Joyfully serve teens dinner on Sunday nights
    • Clean up after dinner is finished
    • Can fill in as a dinner volunteer
    • Coordinate with other adult volunteers of Conquer by using email, meetings, and after Mass socializing

Special Events Volunteer

These are annual events that happen throughout the year and will be advertised in advance. A list of times and dates are below and are subject to change.

These special events are annual activities that help supplement the High School Youth Ministry programming throughout the year. They allow the teens to interact and experience the faith community at large and also engage them in living their faith as a more daily reality. Events range from the Old Rag Hike in October to the March for Life events, Holy Week Retreat etc. For all of these events, chaperones are needed and sometimes just extra drivers to help get everyone where they are going safely! Below is a list of events and dates for 2021-22 to give you an idea:

  1. Old Rag Hike – Monday, October 11th (Columbus Day) from 6:45am-5pm
  2. Diocesan High School Youth Rally – Sunday, October 24th
  3. Corn Maze – Friday, October 29th
  4. Service Project: Feeding the Hungry in Georgetown – Friday, November 12th
  5. Life is Very Good Rally – Thursday, January 20th
  6. March for Life – Friday, January 21st
  7. Holy Week Retreat – Holy Thursday (4/14): 7 Church Walk, Good Friday (4/15): Feeding the Homeless and Holy Saturday (4/16): Morning of Reflection (times TBD)

Prayer Network Volunteer

Support our ministry through prayer

We can give the most inspirational talk, say the most eloquent things, but as the end of the day, the best thing we can do for our teens is to pray for them. As a member of our prayer network, you will be responsible for praying for a teen by name daily and build up the network by inviting others to join you in this ministry.

  • Description:
    • Each prayer network volunteer will receive a prayer card with the name of a member of our ministry on it. Volunteers are asked to intentionally pray for our youth by name and encourage other members of the prayer team to do the same.  

MSYM Friday Night Volunteer

MSYM Meetings Friday nights twice a month from 7:30-9:30.

Our middle school meetings are fun. They are also crazy. We need volunteers to help ensure these nights go smoothly!

  • Description:
    • Help serve snacks to meeting attendees
    • Gather materials for meetings
    • Assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy meeting environment during activities and transitions

HSYM Sunday Nights Volunteer

HSYM Meetings Sunday nights from 7-9:30pm.

Our high school meetings consist of a family style meal together, games, talks, discussions and prayer.

  • Description:
    • Assist us in preparing materials needed for meetings for things like games, activities, etc.
    • Lead discussion with teens in a small group environment
    • Assist us in maintaining a safe and healthy meeting environment during activities and transitions
    • Give a talk on a topic of faith or share your own witness of faith
    • Lead games and other activities