Ushers Needed for some Masses

Due to Covid concerns, we have lost some of our wonderful long standing ushers and are seeking new volunteer ushers to assist at the 5:30pm Vigil, 10:30am, Noon and 6:00pm Masses. At a minimum, the 5:30pm Vigil needs a Head Usher, backup head usher and general usher volunteers. The 10:30am Mass needs additional usher volunteers, the Noon Mass needs a backup head usher and the 6:00pm Mass needs a backup head usher. If you often attend any of these Masses and can assist with this valuable ministry, even on a temporary basis, please email Scott Douglass at [email protected] Men, women, young adults and teens are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.

Scott can send you a detailed list of what the job entails, but I assure you, it is not difficult and the need is great at this time. It does not require a lifetime commitment and with enough volunteers, you may not be needed to serve every week.

Best thing is, I hear the rewards are heavenly!