Support Our Holy Spirit School Lenten Project!

Operation Starfish was established in 1998 by Nativity Parish in Burke. Since its inception, 11 “Nativity Villages” have been completed and the 12th is nearing completion. Operation Starfish works in close connection with Food for the Poor to accomplish their ambitious goals.

Through charitable works and sacrifices, help our Holy Spirit School raise $1500.00 this Lenten season to purchase seeds for 6000 trees to populate a tree nursery near a newly built village in Balan, Haiti.

Holy Spirit School’s very own Ms. Garcia (PreK teacher) has participated in this mission work and has had the privilege of traveling to Haiti.

As our school children continue to explore and expand on this year’s theme of caring for God’s creation, this is a wonderful example for the children how the good works of ourselves and others can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others.

The current village is being built in Balan and the project goal is to plant 6000 trees—primarily fruit and moringa trees which are high in fibre, zinc, and help regulate blood sugar. This project will help with reforestation, soil erosion, and provide shade. The trees will also absorb pollutants, and provide oxygen through photosynthesis. In addition, they will be a food source.

So, how is this a Lenten project?

Teachers will be explaining the project to the children and showing them a part of a video so they can see the village under construction and “meet” some of the families who are beneficiaries. We are hoping that through small sacrifices (for instance, if your family decides to forgo eating out during Lent) that a small portion of what is saved might be donated to the cause. Or, if your child decides to “add” to their Lenten journey by doing something extra at home to help out, that some small change might be provided that they can then donate. 

Truly this is not meant to be just a donation, but instead a great way to converse with your child about the season of Lent and the ultimate sacrifice that Our Lord made for us. However, if you feel called to donate, you can make a check out to Holy Spirit School and in the memo, indicate that it is for the School Lenten Project. Or click the button below to donate online!