The Good Samaritan Society

The Holy Spirit Parish Good Samaritan Society, named after the well-known Gospel story of service and charity, was initiated in 2011 by volunteer parishioners, with the blessing and guidance of parish clergy. A Christian outreach program for the community, it began with the goal of serving seniors in need, but expanded to include all those in need. Specifically, the programs started by the Good Samaritan Society help those who are homebound, those who are in need of transportation to medical appointments, those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, and those in need of specific home services. In addition to forming groups within the parish, we also coordinate our efforts with other service and spiritual groups in the parish, community, and diocese with similar goals. We are currently exploring additional ways to serve seniors and others in need in our community.

If you want to join our group or volunteer to help, please contact:

Dawn Beutner,, 703 978 1096 OR

Richard and Mary Chobot, 703 323 9402

Next meeting date: Saturday, December 9, 10-11 am in the parish center

The Good Samaritan Society Sewing Group ironed, sewed, and assembled all the coverlets shown here at their June meeting. See contact info below so you can join us!

Need help? Or want to volunteer?

Contact these people for more information. Or see our brochure for people who are in need of services here: Are you looking for a Good Samaritan? brochure

Do you need free transportation to a medical appointment during a weekday? Call the parish office at 703 978 8074.

Want to volunteer to drive someone to a weekday medical appointment?
Contact Richard or Mary Chobot at 703 323 9402;

The parish Boy Scout Troop and parish teens provide snow removal to families with physical limitations. Note that due to the demand for this service, this is offered only for those who do not have family members or another way to shovel snow. Contact the parish office at 703 978 8074 to sign up, and the coordinators will contact you.

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Contact Dawn Beutner ( to find out about the next Seasons of Hope Grief Support Group meeting. Our program is six weeks long, focuses on a passage of Scripture, and is offered four times a year.

Do you like to sew or do needlework? Our Sewing Group is making coverlets and sheets for preschoolers’ cots at the ACCA preschool. See some of our completed coverlets above. Contact Dawn Beutner ( to get on the email list for our upcoming events.

The Knitting and Crocheting Group work on many projects each year. Our donations help homeless men, women, and families, clients at a pregnancy center and a nursing home. Join us ( if you like to knit or crochet!

The Parish Bereavement Committee provides support during funerals at our parish, and Extraordinary Ministers from the parish bring Holy Communion to homebound parishioners on Sundays. Contact the parish office about these services, 703 978 8074.


Helping Migrants and Refugees

In response to repeated calls from Pope Francis to support and aid those disrupted by war, famine, and poverty, Holy Spirit has initiated a series of initiatives to assist the Diocesan Office of Migrant and Refugee Services in this critical ministry. Neither Catholic Charities nor the Diocese have any role in determining who comes to the United States. Our only mission is to faithfully and generously welcome those admitted to our wonderful country. In Northern Virginia, the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington (CCDA), Office of Migrant and Refugee Services is one of only two organizations chartered to work with the State Department in this humanitarian mission (there are seven nationally) and CCDA provides the bulk of the support.  Here is the link to the Diocesan website where you can learn more and volunteer to assist:


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