Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers

Boys in the 5th-12th grade are invited and encouraged to serve all liturgical functions within the parish. Please contact Steve and Alicia Steger with questions or to sign up at [email protected] or 703-591-1407.


Why join the choir? Are you seeking a way to serve? Would you like to be part of a group who has a common goal which is out of this world? Do you have musical aptitude and love to sing? We have a place for you in one of the choirs at Holy Spirit! If you are interested in either our Youth or Adult choirs, please contact Alberto Gonzalez at [email protected].

Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are parishioners who assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Sunday liturgies. For a schedule, please go here: Extraordinary Ministers’ Schedule. To become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion please contact Patty Tang by email [email protected]  or by phone 202-320-8711.


We enhance the church setting for the liturgy by tending the flowers of God’s creation!  Each week the parish receives fresh flowers for the sanctuary.  For more information about volunteering with the flower ministry, please contact Patti Barber at [email protected].


The purpose of the Greeters is to make people feel welcome as they enter Holy Spirit Church.  We answer any questions that are asked, provide a registration card for newcomers while telling them about the many activities, ministries, services offered at Holy Spirit, and try to make the parishioners or visitors know that Holy Spirit Church is a friendly, welcoming parish.  If the ushers agree, we select a family to bring up the gifts and instruct the family when and how to proceed.  Sometimes we ask those who are alone and pair them with  others who are alone.  After Mass, we hand out the bulletins if the ushers are not involved in that activity.  We try to engage people in conversation, introducing those who are around, so there are more connections with other parishioners.  When you become a Greeter, you may participate at any Mass.  This ministry has many benefits – you meet many wonderful people and make Holy Spirit a friendlier, welcoming place!

For more information, please contact Rita Rogers at  [email protected] or Helena Hufschmitt at [email protected].


Lectors are parishioners who assist at Mass by reading the Holy Scriptures of the weekend and Holy Day liturgies. IF you are interested in being a Lector or would like moe information, please contact Pat Moynihan at [email protected] or 703-425-1479.


The sacristan makes sure that vestments, church furnishings, liturgical vessels and decorative objects are kept in good condition.  He or she also makes sure the sanctuary lamp is always lit, the altar cloths are changed and that the holy water fonts are clean and replenished frequently. The sacristans at Holy Spirit generally perform their duties after the 9:00 Mass on Saturday mornings in teams of two or three. For more information, please contact Colleen Coyne at [email protected].


Ushers at every Mass become the “face” of the Church by the very nature of their calling. Their friendliness and willing assistance reflects the spirituality of our Holy Spirit Parish. Ushers are often the first persons visitors seek when they want to learn more about our parish.  They answer questions as to the location of rest rooms, application forms to join our parish, the times of confessions, lost and found, Holy Day mass times, and many other questions. Ushers conduct collections in an orderly, secure manner. They provide assistance when a wheel chair is needed, when someone faints and when medical professionals must be called. Ushers are attentive to ask Eucharistic Ministers to bring communion to those who cannot walk to the altar. Ushers are needed to urge those seated to move in a little to make room for those standing. Those who serve as ushers develop lasting friendships with their fellow ushers. We have ushers who have served for many years.

For more information, please contact Scott Douglass at [email protected]


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