Welcome to the Catholic Life YA Ministry at Holy Spirit!!

Our Mission

Catholic Life Young Adult Ministry is a Christ-centered community of young adults, inclusive of all faiths, who strive to ‘bridge the gap’ between the Catholic Church and the world through discipleship, evangelization, and service to the community.

Founding Values

Grounded in Christ – Discipleship

Catholic Life will first and foremost seek the guidance of Christ in all of its participants, activities, and missions.  From the personal relationships we form with Christ, we seek to allow the Holy Spirit into our lives and open our hearts to God the Father on a more intimate level.  The spiritual dimension and acting as a disciple of Christ will be primary, from which all other activities flow.

Active in the World – Service

As an extension of the vertical relationship with Christ, the Catholic Life Young Adult Ministry seeks to fulfill a horizontal dimension to this aspect of faith, which includes service to local, regional, national, and international communities.  These works may include novel programs, collaboration with area parishes and other organizations, or simply ministering through already established programs within our local parishes.

Building Community – Fellowship

In building a Christ-centered community, Catholic Life Young Adult Ministry will continue to foster an environment of fellowship by planning social events as a way to connect with one another, our community, and grow in a deeper relationship with Christ through these relationships.

To see more info please go to http://catholiclifeyaministry.com

Calender of Events: http://catholiclifeyaministry.com/new-events

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Please feel free to contact Jody d’Alelio at vjda@verizon.net if you have any questions!!


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