Holy Communion Service Ends Thur, May 28

Monday, May 25 – Thursday, May 28

6:30am & 9:00am, 5:30pm & 7:00pm

It is proper that those who are prevented from being present at the community’s celebration of the Mass should be refreshed with the Eucharist.

Holy Communion outside of Mass Celebration. 

It will take place under the cover outside of the main vestibule.  There will not be seating.

All attendees MUST:

  • wear a face covering
  • have their own hand sanitizer with them to use immediately before receiving
  • maintain social distancing during the celebration (6 feet between yourself and others, except household members) AND while processing forward to receive
  • the communicant must remain 6 feet away from the priest/deacon as he shows the Host and says, “The Body of Christ”.  Still 6 feet away, the communicant responds, “Amen”.  Face coverings remain in place over the mouth and nose.  At this point, the communicant moves forward upon the request of the priest/deacon.  If receiving in the hand, the communicant receives the host, steps aside, lowers the face covering, consumes the Host and immediately returns the face covering.  If receiving on the tongue, the communicant approaches the priest/deacon, lowers the face covering, receives and consumes the Host and immediately returns the face covering.  

You maintain the right to decide how to receive (on the tongue or in the hand).

Please arrive and depart in a timely manner so we can accommodate as many groups as possible. If you wish to converse (from a safe distance!) please do so away from the front of the church. 

DO NOT ATTEND if you feel sick in any way, are coughing or are sneezing.  

(The priest or deacon distributing communion will disinfect his hands immediately after each and every communicant who receives on the tongue, even if no physical contact has occurred.  They will also disinfect their hands immediately if accidental contact is made with a communicant’s hand.)