High School Small Groups

High School Small Groups


Two years ago, the Youth Office at Holy Spirit started weekly small group sessions for our high school teens. The purpose of the groups was to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our youth where they could deepen their Catholic Faith through discussion, prayer and community. The groups proved highly effective and are now one of the greatest opportunities of Faith development that our entire program has to offer. These discussion based groups meet one night a week. Please see below for a more detailed description of each one and fill out a registration form if you are interested in joining us!



Wednesdays 7:30-9p.m.*


Inspired by Mary’s “yes” to the angel Gabriel, Fiat was started for young women of our parish who want to learn what it truly means to follow Jesus. It is a place where girls can come together to discuss important topics of the Faith, pray together, create new friendships and learn how to be a young woman of Faith in today’s world. This group is led by our Youth Minister Kate Kelly and two of our most wonderful volunteers, Emily Macedonia and Laura Derkowski.

*We are currently in the works of adding a second option during the week for our girls due to the large number of participants. If Mondays would work better for your teen’s schedule, please make a note in your form so we can garner how much interest there is. 

Band of Brothers

Wednesdays 7:30-9p.m.


Band of Brothers was specifically created so our young men would have a place to come and learn what it means to be a man of God in today’s world.  Led by two of our best volunteers, Nick Macedonia and Kyle Derkowski, this group has been an incredible way for guys from all different high schools in the area to come together to discuss topics of the Faith, pray together and have a lot of fun!