Interested in Becoming a Greeter?

Greeters serve an important function by helping those attending Mass feel welcome at Holy Spirit. 

Greeting is a wonderful way to meet your fellow members of the parish.  Sometimes, greeters may have an opportunity to introduce people arriving together, bringing the parishioners closer. If there are people arriving alone, greeters try to make them feel at home. Rita Rogers, a long time greeter says, “An unexpected benefit that comes to greeters, is that many friendships have been established with parishioners who have been greeted. This is a fact!”

Duties may include

  • asking a family to take up the offertory gifts
  • assisting those who may need help
  • answering questions about the parish
  • distributing bulletins after Mass.  


Rita Rogers:

Cell: (703) 216-1808, Email: [email protected] 

Helena Hufschmitt:  (703) 866-4386, Email: [email protected]