40 Days for Life Glory Stories!


Green Bay, Wisconsin

While society is more fractured than ever, many 40 Days for Life leaders and participants report an increasingly positive reaction to their peaceful, pro-life vigils.

Jim in Green Bay was praying in front of Planned Parenthood at 2:20 in the morning when a woman went out of her way to make a U-turn so she could thank him for his presence.

A week later, Aaron and Luke were leaving the vigil at 2:00 a.m. when they saw Jim being approached by a man in a pickup truck. Turning back to the vigil site to make sure Jim was not in danger, they were treated to doughnuts and coffee by the man in the truck in gratitude for their presence.

“There are good people who are willing to do good at odd hours of the morning and who also support our cause and respect for life,” Jim said.


Karen in Downers Grove, Illinois noticed a young couple lingering in the parking lot of the abortion facility.

“It looked like they were struggling,” she reported.

Karen offered the couple pregnancy help resources and shared with them the racist roots of the abortion industry, which she said “sparked their interest.”

The woman entered the abortion facility–only to leave 15 minutes later in tears.

I did not have the abortion…I kept thinking of the words you said to me,” the expectant mother told Karen. “The abortion workers were rough with me, wouldn’t let me see the ultrasound, and were talking about death a lot.”

The expectant mother continued, “I got up and left. I am going to keep my baby.

Karen hugged the woman, cried with her, and praised God.

“We told her we had been praying for her the whole time she was in there,” Karen remembered.

After receiving a onesie–“my first baby gift!” as the mom described it–the woman made plans to go to the hospital for an ultrasound.

I want to get as far away from the abortion clinic as I can right now,” she said, still crying tears of joy.


The largest campaign ever in 588 cities is getting excellent media coverage… including surprisingly positive coverage from MSNBC!

The typically abortion-supporting network sent a reporter to ask Sarasota vigil participants for their thoughts on the Supreme Court vacancy and voting.

The segment demonstrates how YOUR grassroots prayer and peaceful witness are driving America’s discussion of abortion–even at the highest levels of government.

See what fellow 40 Days for Life participants had to say to MSNBC:

MSNBC has never covered 40 Days for Life before. But your prayers and sacrifices are forcing even the most abortion-friendly media outlets to take notice.

40 Days for Life 2020


Glory Story from College Park, Maryland

A married couple in College Park went for an abortion at one of the dumpiest abortion facilities in the United States. Vigil participants believed the couple opted against abortion…

…and confirmed that a life had been saved when the husband returned alone to get a refund.

When asked whether the abortion facility returned his payment, the man simply held up his receipt, confirming that he got his money back!


Glory Story from California

Omar’s 40 Days for Life campaign in Downey, California, got off to an interesting start.

No sooner had he arrived at the vigil site to set up for Day 1 (September 23rd) than a motorist drove by, cursing and angrily extending a middle finger.

“Well, they know we’re here!” Omar said.


Maria in Toronto reports that she has been broadcasting 40 Days for Life videos over her church’s live stream channel. An expectant mom saw one of the videos and contacted Maria for help.

“[She] wanted to keep her child…but her partner did not agree,” Maria said. “She reached out for us to pray for this situation.”

Those prayers were quickly answered. When the expectant mother thought she was arriving at the abortion facility…it turns out she had mistakenly booked a visit with a pro-life doctor!