First Holy Communion Mass This Saturday

On Saturday, May 7th & 14th at 11 AM the Holy Spirit Religious Education children & Holy Spirit School students will receive their First Holy Communion!

We give thanks for all the teachers, parents, relatives, and friends of these children who have helped prepare them for their First Holy Communion, and who assist them in their future growth in faith through their prayers and actions.

Lord Jesus Christ, bless the children coming forward to receive Holy Communion for the first time.
May this day be the step toward a life-long love of the Eucharist.
Give them a hunger for this sacred food so that they turn to you for comfort, guidance, and wisdom as they grow into full discipleship.
Thank you for their innocence and goodness.
May their hands, extended in anticipation of your body and blood, inspire all of us to cherish this sacred Sacrament. Amen.

As we reflect on this prayer, we invite you to join us next Saturday for this celebration. Masses will also be live streamed below.