CYO Basketball

CYO Basketball Registration is CLOSED.

Due to limited gym space this year, at THIS TIME, the diocese is not able to guarantee our normal team size, number of games etc. HOWEVER, our only way to get those items firmed up is to have “confirmed registrants” on SportsPilot.

If you are interested in helping us have CYO basketball teams at Holy Spirit, please register your youth NLT October 22. It may come down to first come, first served. If you are interested in coaching, please email [email protected] and we will follow up with you.


Forms & Online Registration

Holy Spirit CYO Basketball is a winter sport, and is open to boys and girls in grades 3 through 8, registered in Holy Spirit School or Parishioners in Holy Spirit’s Religious Education Program.

Registration for CYO Basketball is now closed.

Along with the Online Registration through SportsPilot, the following must be reviewed and completed prior to participation:

Season Schedule

Practices begin the second week in November and end the second week in March. Each team will have one practice a week.

Games begin as early as the first weekend in December and are played on the weekends at various schools throughout the Diocese. Number of games will be contingent upon gym space. The goal is to provide each team with at least 5 games throughout the season.


The participation fee is a total of $150.
$100 for the registration fee and $50 for the uniform deposit – which can be paid online at the time of registration. Uniform Deposits will be reimbursed upon receipt of uniform at the end of the season, (no later than April 1, 2022). Deposits will be reimbursed electronically, to the credit card used at the time of registration. No waiting for checks this year!

Discounts and scholarships are available on an as needed basis. Please email [email protected] with information about your specific needs request.

COVID-related Modifications

Masking / Social Distancing
Everyone over 2 years old, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face mask over their nose and mouth when in the School Building. This is not negotiable.

Athletes and referees do not have to wear a mask when exercising. Athletes, however, must wear a mask when not exercising, when on the bench, and when entering and departing the School Building. Coaches will be masked at all times.

Anyone who does not feel obligated to follow this State rule should not register their child.

If health conditions or federal, state, or local guidelines change, we will notify participants and families as it relates to specific NVJCYO activities or events.

No Spectators at Practices
For practices held at Holy Spirit, we ask that there be no spectators. Parents should not be at practices. Only coaches who are fully compliant with Child Protection Policies should be attending practices. Drop off and pick up will be at the back of the school building / Door 8.

Diocesan COVID Waiver
Part of the registration process will include this waiver. All participants must turn one in, prior to participation. In this waiver participants / families commit to self-health screenings, reporting of positive COVID cases among other things. Please read it thoughtfully…

Attendance will be taken at practices for COVID tracing.


  1. Registration does not guarantee a spot on a team or that a grade will be able to play. There are many factors at play, including gym space, that will limit the number of teams. Refunds will be provided by Holy Spirit if a team is cut. We should know by early November at the latest.
  2. COVID requirements will be enforced.
  3. Playing time may be less if teams are larger.
  4. Games may be shorter and rules may be amended—number of teams dependent.
  5. Driving distances may be increased based on gym availability.
  6. If health conditions change we may have to adapt.
  7. Barring quarantine issues we hope to provide each team at least 5 games. This is not a guarantee.

Interested in Coaching?

We are always in need of more coaches to volunteer their time and share their talents with our Holy Spirit children. If you are interested in coaching, please email CYO Sports Coordinator at [email protected], for next steps.