Contemporary Mass Choir at 6pm on Sundays

Job Description:

Contemporary Music Coordinator (part-time):
Holy Spirit Catholic Church (Annandale, VA) seeks a skilled musician (vocalist or instrumentalist)
with ensemble direction experience to coordinate a new contemporary ensemble for the 6 PM
Sunday Mass. Reporting to the Director of Music, the coordinator will enjoy a wide degree of
flexibility in managing and providing input for the regular operations of the ensemble while
operating under the guiding principles of the Catholic liturgy and in alignment with the general
objectives for the music program as set by the Director of Music. The pay rate is $90/rehearsal
(90 minutes) and $125/Mass (approx. 1 hour).
Duties include:
 Leading ensemble in rehearsal (teaching new music/vocal parts, blending ensemble
sound, etc.).
o A regular rehearsal schedule TBD in consultation with the person selected for the

 Serving as an integrated member of the ensemble at the Sunday 6 PM Mass (whether
vocally and/or instrumentally).
 Managing the ensemble at Mass (equipment setup/breakdown, microphone settings,
distributing sheet music as needed, etc.).
 Preparing hard copies as needed (most repertoire is already in the books: OCP’s
Breaking Bread and Spirit & Song). Supplementation from other musical resources is also
 Managing communications to the ensemble (email, text, etc.).
 Music selections will be handled by the Director of Music until a consistent and familiar
repertoire is established, at which time this duty may be delegated to the coordinator.
Qualifications include:
 A minimum of a bachelor’s degree (BA or BM) in music (or in the final stages of
completing such a degree).
 The ability to perform contemporary worship music in a compelling aesthetic suitable to
the genre.

 Proficient skills as a vocalist, pianist, or guitarist (other musicians welcome to apply).
o Vocalists should have sufficient keyboard proficiency to lead rehearsal
(accompanist would be provided for Mass), while instrumentalists should have
sufficient vocal proficiency to lead song as needed at Mass (including solo singing
for the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation).

 Familiarity with the Catholic liturgy.
 Organizational and administrative skills necessary for the effective management of the
Please send a résumé together with a simple introductory candidate statement (formal cover
letter not necessary) to Alberto González, Director of Music, at [email protected].
Video and/or audio links (Google file, YouTube, personal website, etc.) to recordings of the
candidate performing music in a contemporary genre (contemporary Christian, musical theatre,
jazz, etc.) are highly encouraged but are not necessary to submit an application.
The application deadline is 8 PM (Eastern) on Weds., Oct. 25.