Ticket to Win: All Saints Car Raffle Open Until This Sunday!

You Could Win a New Car or Cash Prize!!

Just $5 per Ticket, AND you help support our parish at the SAME TIME… what a deal.

See Below for Ticket Purchase

How to Enter

Payment—For raffle ticket purchases all checks must be made out to “All Saints Church;” drop-off at the Rectory.

Mail-In Returns—All mail-in returns must be mailed to All Saints Catholic Church.  The yellow card included with tickets makes this return easy.

Collection Basket Returns—To make your participation easier, tickets may be returned [sealed in the return envelopes provided with the yellow card] in the collection basket at Holy Spirit.  Volunteers will periodically take these returns to All Saints Church for entry in the Car Raffle.

Last Entry Date

All tickets must be returned within the collection basket no later than April 18th or postmarked for mailing to All Saints Catholic Church no later than April 20th.