Bored..? Here are Some Ideas the Whole Family will Love!

The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

Looking for something to do that doesn’t require a screen? Or maybe you feel like all the old go-tos are falling flat but you just can’t think of something new that everyone will love?

We’re Here to Provide some Inspiration!

Our team here in the Office of Parish Activities and Youth Ministry has some great ideas and awesome games that we would like to share with you all!

In the spirit of “the family that prays (plays) together, stays together” we hope to provide you with little bits of inspiration and ideas for your family to use to have fun spending time together and shake up the routine, most importantly without a screen (we’re sick of all the screen-time, aren’t you?).

So are you guys ready for some fun ideas?

Read on below to see some of our recommendations! New ideas added weekly.

Throw, Throw Burrito

Looking for a fun, fast moving game that will create hysterical memories for all, no matter if you win or lose? Then check out this game.
“My family and I have had some hysterical moments (and some of the best family video clips) from this game. I myself have never won and I LOVE playing this game just for the laughs.” – Leslie Blot, Assistant Director of Youth Ministry

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Inspirational Splatter Art

This project is a fun way to get you and your kids thinking about New Years resolutions, goals or dreams and at the same time have something cool to remind them throughout the year. You could even switch it up and have them write down their greatest blessings,  or make them for each other and write affirmations on them so that each person has a physical reminder of how much they are loved.

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Have Ideas? Send them and We’ll Feature them in the Parish Email!

What fun games, crafts, and / or activities does your family enjoy together? We’d love to hear from you!

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