Annual Loyola Men’s Retreat (March 1-3)

INVITATION – Men’s Lenten Retreat at ‘Loyola on the Potomac’ / March 1-3


● The retreat begins on Friday evening with a crab cake dinner and concludes with a celebration of Mass
at noon. Eucharistic Adoration and Confession offered.
● The retreat is a time to come away from our ordinary activities, to rest, pray, and invite the Lord to
renew our spirits. It is an opportunity to gain perspective and to find new meaning for our lives.

When/Where: This year’s retreat will take place March 1-3 (Fri. 5pm to Sun. noon). The retreat house
is located on the Potomac River in Faulkner, MD – only a short 1 hour 15 minute drive from Fairfax.

Cost: $245 includes private room, meals, snacks ($195 if you are a first timer or under 35). Financial help is available upon request. Handicap rooms and carpooling options available.

What do the Saints say about silence?

  • “Worldly people are frightened by silence because they feel empty when alone. On the other hand, those who live an interior life value silence because in it they discover a new and more beautiful world: a life of intimacy with the Trinity, a life which this world cannot give.” – Ven. Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan
  • Silence gives us a new outlook on everything. We need silence to be able to touch souls. The essential thing is not what we say but what God says to us and through us.” – St. Mother Teresa

  1. Confirm attendance – ask questions – by emailing or calling Retreat Coordinator: [email protected] / 703-640-4157 / Holy Spirit Parish
  2. Register online at the registration page of
  3. Pay online with a credit card or mail check made to ‘Loyola on the Potomac’: ○ Loyola on the Potomac, P.O. Box 9, Faulkner, MD 20632