212 Babies Saved! 40 Days for Life Success Stories! Join us as we pray outside of clinic in Falls Church!

40 Days for Life Updates

On Oct. 2nd, Dr. Robinson (who used to perform abortions) and Matt spoke before a large crowd in Falls Church, a crowd that included two abortion facility escorts–even though the abortion center was closed!

“There were three pro-life doctors in attendance,” Matt said. “About a third of the people told me that it was their first time out.”

The prayers and sacrifices of Falls Church vigil participants bore fruit this week as they helped redirect an abortion client to a local pregnancy help center where she chose life and even picked out a name for her baby!

You can help a mom choose life for her baby!

In 40 Days for Life, volunteers stand outside abortion facilities for 40 consecutive days each Friday to pray for an end to abortion, a change of hearts, and to be a witness for life. Every life matters! And we need YOU to join us praying to Our Lady.

Join Us!

September 23rd – November 1st

Come pray with us on any/all Fridays from Sept. 23 through Nov. 1! See signup below.

We Understand it can be Scary…

Our Lord Himself knows what it’s like to be rejected… but He also knew what it was like to call even one sheep home. Through our humble prayers and witness, if we let Him, God can and WILL work miracles, changing hearts and saving lives!

If you are scared of praying outside an abortion clinic, HAVE NO FEAR. Jesus Himself by His example showed us how to be courageous and stand up for the truth especially when it is difficult. Signup today!

“Take Courage, I have conquered the world.”

John 16:33


New Story Below:

Joe in Chicago was delighted to report that the abortion facility where he holds vigil was unexpectedly closed this past Saturday.

‘[Saturday] has been, by far, their busiest day of the week for months now,” Joe said. “Praise God!’

It’s no surprise that abortion centers scale back operations during 40 Days for Life campaigns.

The presence of peaceful prayer warriors impacts their bottom line dramatically, increasing abortion no-show rates (to as high as 75%), distracting workers, increasing employee turnover, and reducing profit margin.”

It’s time to update the number of babies saved from abortion through your prayers…

Today, we know of 102 babies spared from abortion since September 23!

107 abortion facilities have closed forever following a 40 Days for Life campaign,

40 Days for Life vigils often lead abortion centers to shut down temporarily or to reduce business hours as the vigil deters customers.


In the 13 years since this campaign started, more than 17,226 women have chosen life for their babies, 107 abortion clinics have closed, and 206 clinic workers have quit – all through the peaceful power of prayer!


Join members of our parish Respect Life group any Friday during Lent at the nearest abortion facility, Falls Church Health Care Center;  900 S. Washington St. (R.T. 29) Falls Church VA 22046.

For more info or questions, contact Michael Connors at [email protected], (703) 968-8514, or email [email protected]