FALL MINI-SERIES: “Getting to Know Your Neighbors: a Catholic Guide to the World Religions” Have you ever wondered what people of other Faiths and Churches believe? What is ‘karma’, ‘nirvana’ and ‘Zen’? What do Anglicans, Methodists and Baptists have in common? What do those who coming knocking on your door really believe? Why are cows sacred to the Hindus and bugs to the Jains? What is the difference between Orthodox and Eastern rite Catholics? How do you locate the Catholic Church and what do you have in common with these other Faiths and what are the important differences? These are your neighbors, come and learn…more about their faith and more about YOUR Faith. Fr. Carroll will lead you through a study of these other religions, denominations and groups, in light of our own Catholic Faith. The talks will be held in the Church at 7:30pm. DATES BEGINNING IN OCTOBER TO FOLLOW.


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